Wind & Solar Hybrid Energy System

Solar Module
Number of cells: 36 per panel
Module area: 0.64m2 per panel
Max. Output: 100 W per panel
Short-circuit current: approx. 6.20 A per panel
Open-circuit voltage: approx. 21 V per panel
Wind Turbine
Rated power: 100 W
Rated voltage: 24 V AC
Rated wind speed: 13 m / s
Wind wheel diameter: 1.2 m
Number of Blades: 3
Wind power and type: Three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator
Wind / Solar Hybrid Controller
Turbine input voltage range: 0~100V
Turbine input current range: 0~25A
PV input voltage range: 0~25V
PV input current range: 0~30A
PV voltage range: 17~20V DC
Max. Output current: 10A
Light: 1000W
Light Control: SSR 40A
Motor: 3 Phase AC Motor
Motor Driver: 1 Phase, 230V AC, 750W
  • Brand: TDC
  • Model: WS-E789
  • Made in Bangladesh
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