Refrigeration Training System

The Refrigeration Trainer is an integrated training system that introduces students to the principles and components of a refrigeration system using industrial and commercial devices. ... The training system includes all the equipment required to perform the exercises contained in the courseware.

• Cooling liquid 400gt Freon R134a
• Hermetic Piston compressor
• Condenser unit
• Dehydrating filter
• Liquid Line Moisture Indicator
• Low Pressure Gauge
• High Pressure Gauge
• Pressure switch
• Expansion valve
• Evaporation unit
• Hand Shut Off Valve
• Thermostat Metal Cord
• Working Diagram
• Operates electrically at 220V 1-Phase

• Power Cord
• Electronic Temperature Meter/Sensor
• User Manual
  • Brand: TDC
  • Model: RTS-6021
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Catalog: