Power project Board


The TD-275A Power Project Board is designed for the use of digital or analog circuit experiments. It features 4 sets of DC power supplies with different voltage output and a large solder less breadboard. Which is convenient for the users to do several kinds of circuit experiment. Optional jumper wire set and cutter/stripper is available for user’s convenience. 2. Specification: Regulated D.C supplies: +5V , 1A, -V, 350mA• Variable DC Supplies: ±18V, 500mA• General Specification Solder Less Breadboard: 2420 Tie points, Accepts 0.3-0.8 solid• wire, power switch with indicating lamp. Input Power Supply AC input: 200 to 250 V AC, 50Hz• Optional Input: 110V AC, 50Hz• Fuse: 1000mA• Accessories: AC Power Cable, Instruction Manual• Dimension: 250x220x60mm• Weight: 2.3Kg(Approx.)•

  • Brand: TDC
  • Model: TD-275A
  • Made in Bangladesh
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