Digital Logic IC Trainer Board (TTL) / Logic Trainer Board based on 74 series has been designed specifically to make the students familiar with the study of TTL ICs and verification of the truth table of logic gates, flip-flops, Gated & Master Slave JK flip-flops, Schmitt Trigger, Expanders, Binary address, Counters, Shift registers, Multiplexer (Encoder) Demultiplexer (Decoder), 8 Bit D/A Converter and 8 Bit A/D Converter etc. Large area of Bread Board is provided on the front panel for ICs. Students can make the circuit easily on the Bread Board with the help of other accessories which are provided on the front panel of Digital Logic IC Trainer Board.

• Output DC Voltage Fixed +5V 1A.
• Two logic switches + 5V/OV/ - 5V with current limit.
• Clock Pulse Two single shot pulse generators, 80 µs
• Logic Inputs Eight switches for High/Low.
• Output Indicators Eight, 5mm bright Red LEDs.
• Two flip-flop gates with "mimic" diagram.
• 3 state logic probe Logic-0, Pulse, and Logic-1.
• Tow digit Seven segment display.
• Seven segment decoder.
• And Gate, Or Gate, Not Gate, X-Or Gate, etc.
• Breadboard Solderless breadboard 1030 Tie points, accepts 0.3-0.8 mm solid wire.
• Input Voltage 230V ±10% at 50 Hz AC. Mains.

Standard Accessories:
• Connecting wire,
• Power cable,
• User Manual,
• Warranty: One Year.
  • Brand: TDC
  • Model: DL-600A
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Catalog: